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Importing Alcohol for a Commercial purpose?

Why not see if we can help with paying the excise duty to UK Customs

Importing Wines, Beers and Spirits into the UK

UK Imports has been dealing with alcohol for many years and we have many customers for whom we declare these types of goods to Customs. Check with our Customer Services Team to see if we can help you with the clearance and/or shipping of drinks from outside the U.K.

When it comes to the importation of alcoholic drinks, you will have to pay excise duty on the alcohol content, regardless of which Country your drinks are being shipped from.

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Alcohol from outside the U.K.

Excise duty must be paid on all alcoholic drinks before it can be released into ‘Free Circulation’ for resale or any other commercial use. (The exception being when small amounts are transported by an individual for personal consumption, and is under the Personal Allowance limit).

For more information importing alcohol into the UK, please feel free to contact a member of our Imports Team, on
0345 309 6360, or email us at:

Public Notice 203 – Registered Excise Dealers and Shippers

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