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UK Import Services Limited

UK Import Services Limited is a UK-based Freight and Customs clearance broker, offering full International shipping services, including both UK Customs clearance and a nationwide UK delivery service. We offer a range of different services such as:

  • Global shipping (Both Imports and Exports for Air, Road and Sea)
  • Fast-Track Customs Clearance Service
  • UK Customs clearance
  • Post-clearance amendments and reclaims
  • Nationwide/UK deliveries (incl. Amazon Fulfiment Centres)
  • Up-to-date advice/information
  • Whether its for personal use or for business (Commercial) purposes, importing goods can be a cheaper and more exciting option of buying any goods, and one that offers endless choice.

    The purpose of this website is to show our experience in all things relating to Shipping & Customs clearance, and hopefully encourage you to contact us for a competitive quotation.

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    IMPORTANT - Please note! Out-of-date information could cost you money.

    There are many sites offering Customs Clearance / Brokerage services and importing advice... However, make sure you check the dates shown on the websites!... Old sites could mean old information... The European Commissions (EC) and UK HM Revenue and Customs' (HMRC) rules and regulations are always changing so make sure you double check your information. ukimports

    Remember : Shipping and Customs clearance doesn't have to be expensive, but choosing the wrong agent could be!™ ukimports

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