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UK Import Services Limited: Who are we and what do we do?

We are a UK-based Shipping and Customs clearance broker. Working with our network of UK and overseas partners, we can arrange the transport of most goods by air, sea or road to and from almost anywhere in the World, from collection from the shippers premises through to delivery to the end receiver, including Customs clearance.

One-Stop shop
From just a small single box through to Full sea freight Containers, we have the global connections which can not only ensure your goods are moved as quickly as possible, but we can also to do this at prices which you would struggle to find elsewhere. From start to finish, you don’t need to go anywhere else.

Services tailored to your needs
Not everyone uses us for the whole logistical package, which is fine with us. Experienced in the rules and procedures set by the UK’s HM Revenue and Customs, we have a lot of clients who just use us for the UK part of the service. Being able to clear at almost all of the UK’s Airports and Ports our clients enjoy not only the experience that our team provides but the peace of mind knowing that at whichever point of entry goods arrive into the UK, we at UK Import Services can handle it. From perishable foods and plants, through to bulk multiple Containers, from deliveries to Private Individuals’ homes through to one of the large Amazon Fulfilment centres there is not a lot that we cannot handle for you.

Specialist Services
A lot of our regular client-base include restaurant chains and major UK wholesalers who import alcoholic beverages from Countries within the EU. Alcohol is something which we are beginning to be recognised for, with a lot of new clients contacting us through word of mouth. With very strict rules surrounding the movement of alcohol within the EU, we have the experience which many find invaluable to ensure that everything is done correctly, which minimises any problems with Customs across the EU.

Post-Arrival amendments
Investigations by UK Customs, could result in amendments needing to be made to shipments which have already arrived and cleared Customs. With some other agents and carriers refusing to carry out such ‘Post-arrival’ amendments, many importers turn to us to resolve these issues for them.

Non-Cargo arrivals
As not everything arrives into the UK as cargo, we also handle the Customs clearance of vehicles which arrive into any of the UK’s ferry terminals, or boats/yachts arriving into Marinas or harbours, or even small planes and helicopters which have been flown into one of the non-commercial airports. Not a lot surprises us and there is not much that we haven’t handled before.

Regardless of your goods and circumstances, the locations (Origins and Destinations), or whatever your goods, if we haven’t seen it before, then we’d like to think that we have the experience and connections within our network of global partners to look after you and your goods to ensure that they are processed correctly and as quickly as is possible. ukimports

Why not contact a member of our Imports Team for more details and costs, specific to your particular goods and circumstances and hopefully you too could soon be enjoying the peace of mind that so many of our existing clients have known for many years.

Please use the popular pages below or the main menu and import sub nav to to find the information you require. If you can’t find what you are looking for then please contact a member of our Imports Team.

… if nothing else, we always say:

Remember : Shipping and Customs clearance doesn’t have to be expensive, but choosing the wrong agent could be!™ ukimports


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Importing into the UK?
Contact us to see if we can help you.

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