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Sea Freight Shipping Costs – Full Container Load (FCL) UK Charges

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If your goods are arriving into the UK by sea and you have a sufficient volume to fill a Container, then the following are some of the regular charges which you may receive:

(Other than Customs clearance charges, and UK Collection/Delivery)

Note: The following charges based on a Standard 20′ (General Purpose) Container and are charged ‘Per Container’ unless stated otherwise

  • Terminal Handling Charge (THC) – approx. GB£ 145.00
  • Documentation Fee – approx. GB£ 40.00 per Bill of Lading
  • Ship Security (ISPS) Charge – approx. GB£ 8.00
  • Container Inspection Fee – approx. GB£ 10.00
  • Lift-On/Lift-Off (LO-LO) – approx. GB£ 75.00
  • Port Security Fee – approx. GB£ 11.00
  • Dock Charge – approx. GB£ 13.50
  • Port Infrastructure – approx. GB£ 5.50

Some of the above charges are subject to change, depending on the size of your Container, whether it is a 20′, 40′ or 40′ High Cube. Also, Reefer Container charges are usually higher.

Depending upon your goods/circumstance, some of the following charges may also apply:

  • Customs X-Ray – approx. GB£ 75.00
  • Examination (UK Customs, Port Health Authority, DEFRA, Trading Standards) – approx. GB£ 135.00
  • Fumigation / Venting – approx. GB£ 145.00
  • Reefer Plug-In charge – approx. GB£ 75.00 per day
  • Container Demurrage – approx. GB£ 55.00 to GB£ 90.00 per day
  • Port Quay Rent – approx. GB£ 25.00 to GB£ 65.00 per day

Not all the charges may apply to you, as they are based on the type of goods and circumstances. For an estimation of what you may be asked to pay, contact our Imports team on: (T) 0345 309 6360, or email your enquiry to: and request a quote.

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Importing into the UK?
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