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We here at UK Import Services Limited can assist you with clearing your goods from the European Union.

We will pre-declare the goods to Customs and advise the Import Entry Reference Number to enable you or your haulier to create a GMR reference number on the GVMS computer system, before making your booking with the ferry operator or other carrier.


Since January 2022

The new Pre-Lodgement Model that HMRC have introduced, states the following in Section 3.1.3 Customs Declarations:

  • The supply chain must ensure that all goods have the appropriate declarations before they board
  • Communicate to the person in control of the goods (e.g. the driver of a lorry for accompanied goods or the carrier for unaccompanied goods) by the time they arrive at the border, to inform them whether goods are cleared to proceed on their journey or alternatively whether the goods require a check.

If you are a haulier moving goods through a location using the pre-lodgement model, you will be required to:

  • Ask the traders to provide for each consignment carried, a unique reference number that proves that a declaration has either been pre-lodged or is not needed. This can be an Movement Reference Number (MRN) (for goods declared into CHIEF or CDS), or an EORI (for goods where the trader is authorised to make declarations in their own records), or a Transit Accompanying Document (TAD).
  • Document MRN (for moving goods via Common Transit). While responsibility for Customs border formalities rest with the traders, the hauliers must ensure the driver is given all the necessary customs documents and ensure they have been informed of their responsibilities regarding inspection points.


As we will need the MRN, we will need a copy of the export EAD (Export Accompanying Document) when leaving the EU, as this should show the MRN on it

The haulier is also responsible for making a Goods Vehicle Movement System (GVMS) declaration for each truck:

The Goods Vehicle Movement Services (GVMS)

The GVMS is an IT platform which supports the pre-lodgement model. The GVMS will allow:

  • Declaration references to be linked together so that the person moving the goods (e.g. a haulier) only has to present one single reference (Goods Movement Reference or GMR) at the frontier to prove that their goods have pre-lodged declarations.
  • The linking of the movement of goods to declarations, enabling the automatic arrival in HMRC system as soon as the goods board, so that declarations can be processed en route.
  • Notification of the risking outcome of declarations (i.e. cleared or uncleared) in HMRC systems to be sent to the person in control of the goods by the time they physically arrive.


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To read the full policy on The Border Operating Model (start at Page 63) Click here

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Importing into the UK?
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